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The Vamo UV board cover keeps your board cool and scratch free. 

UV rays of the sun will threaten to oxidize the beautiful paint on your board or delaminate the epoxy from the top shell on your paddleboard. The VAMO UV cover is designed to keep your board 30 degrees cooler when sitting in direct sunlight. Epoxy melts at 130 degrees. For areas where sun and heat can get intense a UV cover is a requirement for EPS core, Epoxy top shell or Carbon boards. All of which can melt in extreme heat. The breathability of the UV fabric lets you put a wet board on top of your car free from worry about water migration transfer that can happen when stored in an enclosed board bag with steamy hot water. Keep your board light and breathing even in high heat conditions. That's the long way of saying, let VAMO soak up the suns harmful rays not your nice shiny new board.

The VAMO Uv Cover utilizes UV protectant fabric that conforms to the shape of your board. With a durable double stitched and bonded bungee closure you can simply slip the cover on and off your board to protect from minor scratches and the powerful UV rays of the sun. The 4-Way stretch fits virtually any board. Whether you have a displacement hull or surf shape, the VAMO UV cover conform to the nose of your board and stays snug during transportation so you don't have to sweat if your cover will fly off. 

The double stitched enclosure around the 360 degree bungee makes for a custom fit that slips on in seconds. Fin slot allows you to save time by leaving the fin in your board. Double lined nose and tail add durability and increase padding for protection from any bumps along the way from your garage to the water.

We are surfers, paddlers, boarders, hikers and enjoy the outdoors as often as we can. Because we know how bad equipment can diminish your experience stay confident we back 100% of our product with lifetime protection on manufacturing defects. There may come a time when using your VAMO gear on the last leg of its life that it is time to get a new one, but anything that fails as a result of manufacturing know you will be given a replacement as fast as you can make a PP&J.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: When you UV covers gets a little dirty feel free to wash on delicates with cold water. Tumble dry low or hang to dry...yep, that easy. 

The 10'6-12' fits a Hobie Eclipse 10.5 perfectly and keeps your product protected from scratches and harmful UV rays.