BOTE Lone Aero 12′6" Inflatable Kayak

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Introducing the reimagined pedal drive compatible LONO Aero 12′6 Inflatable Kayak. Whether you're hitting your favorite fishing spots on the weekend, gearing up for a water borne expedition, or just hitting the local launch with your family, it's time to say goodbye to compromise.

The MAGNEPOD™ magnetic base is a revolutionary, tool-less drink retention system that makes securing your BOTE magnetic drinkware a snap.


  • One (1) LONO Aero 12′6″ Inflatable Kayak
  • One (1) 6″ Removable Aero Center Fin
  • One (1) Pair of Slide-In Aero Rac Receivers
  • One (1) Removable Aero Sandspear Sheath
  • One (1) Pedal Port
  • One (1) Aero Repair Kit
  • One (1) Hand Pump
  • One (1) Travel Bag

Dimensions: 12′6″L × 35.5″W × 20″D
Avg. Hull Weight: 51 LBS
Capacity: 400 LBS
Removable Top Dimensions: 53″L × 33″W × 3.5″D
Avg. Removable Top Weight: 9 LBS
Removable Seat Dimensions: 24″L × 22″W × 18″D
Avg. Removable Seat Weight: 7 LBS
Construction: Inflatable AeroBOTE Technology
Optimal Hull Inflation: 10-15 PSI
Optimal Removable Top Inflation: 10-15 PSI
Optimal Removable Seat Inflation: 7-10 PSI
Travel Bag Dimensions: 41″ L × 19″ W × 13″ D
Loaded Bag Weight: 73 LBS
If rider weight is within 50 LBS of a kayak's listed capacity, BOTE recommends upgrading to a larger capacity kayak.


*Important notice: Available for pick-up, but can be quoted for delivery through Islandwide.*