Joystick Nectar Paddle

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Length: 210-220 Adjustable
Material: Carbon Fiber
Weight: 24.9oz.
Blade Length/Width: 47.5 x 18cm
Blade Surface Area: 685cm2
Feather: Adjustable
Comes With: Travel Bag

This is our most popular paddle. One hundo percent carbon fiber. The high angle blades are beefy and buoyant for catch as well as sculling. You’ll be at full speed within just 3 strokes. Full Metal Ferrule makes this paddle bombproof.

NECTAR also impresses in cross wind, when you utilize that slightly uneven stroke. Ultimate power without the joint pain. It delivers performance for the tough days and grace on the easy ones. Power, yet lightweight. efficiency, durability. Quality materials throughout. Guaranteed to be durable 4 life.

You’ll be one with the flow when you’re handling the NECTAR.