Joystick Juice Paddle

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Length: 210-220 CM Adjustable
Material: Carbon Fiber Shaft/Injection Molded Blades
Weight: 28.2 oz.
Blade Length/Width: 47.5 x 18 cm
Blade Surface Area: 685cm2
Feather: Adjustable
Comes With: Travel Bag

The JUICE has the same high angle blade as the NECTAR, but is built with super tough injection molded nylon. You’ll be quick to top speed, turning on a dime, and be impressed by the grip of the lightweight fiberglass shaft. Advanced dihedral maximizes power face. Easy on your hands, the JUICE gives you the ability to paddle efficiently all day long.

Full Metal Ferrule means you’re no longer messing around. Adjustable to both length and paddling angle to customize for anyone. Made out of serious heavy metal. Built bombproof to last you a lifetime.

For long days on the water stay off the gin, but don’t forget to bring the JUICE.