Yo-Zuri 3D Inshore Pencil Popper (F)

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Yo-Zuri is expanding its line-up of the ultra-successful 3D Inshore Series with the addition of the 3D Inshore Pencil Popper.  An inshore, back bay style pencil popper that has a flat bottom and horizontal posture which allows it to have an extremely easy walking action.  You can walk this bait 180 degrees side to side and the cupped mouth spits water as it moves.  It features a single knock cadence rattle in the back of the bait which calls fish in from long distances. With the sleek shape and weight from the rear placed rattle, this 5-3/8 inch, 1oz bait flies straight and tail first for long accurate casts.  The internal painted and 3D prism finishes do not chip or wear off like other saltwater lures.  Quality triple strength saltwater grade hooks and split rings make this an all around winner for a range of species including Striped Bass, Snook, Redfish, trophy Seatrout, Bluefish, Trevally and more.  Available starting in the summer of 2022 at your favorite online or local retailer.

135mm 5-3/8"