HARDCORE Bullet Crank 7+

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Brand new for the summer of 2021 is the Hardcore Series Bullet Crank 7+. A deep diving crank bait that gets down very quick into a depth range of 20-27ft depending on line size. Constructed from exceptional components and crafted with outstanding attention-to-detail, Hardcore is committed to providing anglers with the most effective and life-like lures possible and this new addition is no exception. This lure was designed by our top US pro-staff including Jason Lambert, Spencer Shuffield and Ryan Salzman in collaboration with our top Japanese pro-staff and lure designers. The result is a long casting, quick diving crank bait that doesn’t wear the angler out, a true weapon in the deep cranking game.

The Hardcore Crank 7+ features a new “Bullet Magnetic Weight Transfer System” which improves casting distance and accuracy by transferring a weight sled to the tail during the casting motion, which results in long, accurate casts up to 46% farther than the top competition. Simply put, this is the best casting deep diving crank bait on the market!

Upon landing, the weights shift to the front of the lure and are locked in place by a magnetic, providing a well-balanced and quick diving action. This bait reaches depths of up to 27ft on 14lb fluorocarbon line and does so with minimum effort from the angler, allowing it to be fished all day long with ease. The bill is designed to deflect off structure and to be ground into the bottom.

The Hardcore Crank 7+ comes in 10 color patterns chosen by US and Japanese pro-staff and feature a “power coating” that protects the finishes from chipping or fading. The terminal tackle is top of line with high quality black nickel split rings and extra-large round bend black nickel treble hooks.


Type Length (in) Length (mm) Weight (oz)
Floating 4" 100mm 2oz