Offshore Angler Tight Line Premium Monofilament

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There are times when using an IGFA line isn't that important—because getting the fish in is the only thing that really matters. That's when you load your reel with Offshore Angler™ Tight Line™ Premium Monofilament 1/2-lb. Spool. Ultra-low stretch, small diameter, and amazing abrasion resistance take this line's performance far beyond that of regular mono lines. Try it, and we predict you'll soon find yourself casting into nastier holding places—because for the first time, you know you can get the fish out. Besides, let's face it: snook and grouper don't fight fair, so why should you? It's time to take off the kid gloves—spool up with Tight Line!

  • Ultra-low stretch monofilament
  • Small diameter
  • Amazing abrasion resistance