Shimano C5000XG

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The new STRADIC based on the HAGANE concept for durability and continuous Performance.
These rollers are designed for anglers with the highest expectations. X-Protect keeps the water out of the reels internals by combining the internal water repellent and a labyrinth structure. This achieves performance that can repel water without losing the lightness of rotation. This features in the line roller section and the roller clutch assembly (anti-reverse). As a result, the durability of the line roller has been improved more than five times (compared to their conventional product).


    • New design and innovative technology
    • Hagane Transmission Enclosures and withstand heavy loads
    • Equipped with micromodule gear II
    • running under extreme load
    • Pursue Lee ring performance on the heels of a flagship
    • Aluminum
    • Waterproof Drag
    • Rigid Support Drag
    • Power Roller
    • Salt water as well as fresh water
    • Steering wheel long (mm): 57