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The legendary 32-inch wide surf paddle board.

Extra stable 32” width makes surf sessions last longer. The outline is inspired by Starboard’s famous PRO shape and the progressive bottom shapes make for fast and reactive surfing. A truly versatile surf paddle board for big to small conditions.

Volume 178
Length 10.5'
Width 32"
Volume 178L
Weight 10.83Kgs

Construction / Technology

A standing area of 0.6mm Australian Pine is added for extra deck impact resistance and rigidity. A combination of different fiberglass densities wrap the entire hull for high strength and durability.
Extra rigidity with introduction of unidirectional stringer bands and solid with added rail / nose reinforcements. Shear resistant, fused and moulded individually to fit each and every Starboard board providing high strength at the lightest weight. Starboard’s moulded core technology produces zero EPS wastage.


*Important notice: Available for pick-up, but can be quoted for delivery through Islandwide.*