Swell Scupper 12

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The Scupper 12 has a performance oriented hull-just like his legendary older brother- the 14. Sure, it’s not quite as fast, but it pops up much faster onto your roof rack after a long day of paddling at just 62lbs. It’s easier to handle on and off the water in most conditions.

Whereas it has lowered capacity, the 12 has the same cockpit size as the 14. So it has advanced ergonomics and virtually anybody can fit into it. The lowered footwells allow for a bent knees with superior leverage, with the knees safely below deck where your paddle won’t hit them.

Stability is increased substantially as well. It’s just 28″ wide, but is easy to balance with secondary stability which makes it easier to turn than most sit on tops. Your focus stays on the natural stroke instead of staying upright.

The deck has great access with two hatches. The bow hatch is 10″ x 14″ and is great for camping gear, large items, or flexible fishing rods. The center hatch has a red insert bag to hold your personal items, which is removed easily for that precious hull access. Same comfy seat and the tankwell has been spun 45 degrees, giving a diamond shaped profile.

Bound to join it’s legendary brethren is this new and bold Scupper 12. We’re bringing speed, comfort and stability to a whole need kind of kayaker. This boat is versatile. It’s performance. Practicality. With personality.



Length: 12'

Width: 28'

Weight: 62 lbs

Riders limit: 335 lbs

*Important notice: Available for pick-up, but can be quoted for delivery through Islandwide.*