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Vanhunks Boarding goes all-in with their range of rotomolded 5mm Polyethylene kayaks. No need to purchase extras with this package deal. We’ve given you everything you need to get you started with our Voyager Deluxe tandem sit-on-top fishing or family kayak.

Take your 12-foot fishing or family kayak out on lakes, rivers, or oceans, for a day of fun with your pet, pal, partner or progeny in this 2-plus-1 setup. Or paddle solo for some alone time with nature. Just add one of our deluxe foam padded seats in the middle.

At 32-inches wide, The Vanhunks Voyager Deluxe family kayak leads the fleet with multiple storage compartments, bungee spaces, and hatches to stash your food, tent, and supplies. At the same time, your rods rest in molded and swivel rod holders, and you settle in for your journey on the comfortable adjustable aluminum chair.

The Vanhunks Voyager Deluxe 12’0 family tandem fishing kayak is comfortable, stable, and easy to paddle, ensuring your attention can be where you want it. All inserts and fixtures are premium quality and secured with marine-grade stainless steel bolts and captive brass inserts.

The comfortable carry handle on each side, and either end of the kayak, make it easy enough to pick up the 77lb family kayak and carry it down to the water’s edge for launching.

With a 550lb weight capacity, your Voyager Deluxe is UV-resistant, extremely durable, and is the ultimate kayak for family and friends of any kayaking skill level.


Length: 370 cm / 12 ft
Width: 87 cm / 34 inches
Height: 37 cm / 15 inches
Weight: 35 kg / 77 lbs
Maximum Weight Capacity: 250 kg / 550 lbs



  • 2 Two-Piece Paddle with three-position adjustment features. The shaft made of heavy-duty black EDC coated aluminum, built-in handgrips, and PVC anti-drip rings. 
  • 2 Deluxe aluminum adjustable seats
  • 2 Storage hatches
  • 2 Side handles with bungees to secure your paddle
  • 2 Rubber carry handles ( front and back)
  • Drain plug
  • 8 Scupper plugs
  • Bungee at back storage area (with 6 D-rings)
  • 2 Swivel rod holders
  • 4 Integrated fishing rod holders
  • 2 Cupholders