VENSE 305 Rubber Shrimp 4" Soft Bait

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The Shrimp are the most important forage for all saltwater fish, including trout, redfish, flounder, snook, and tarpon. THE VENSELURES 305 Soft Rubber Shrimp is designed to mimic a live shrimp swimming in a forward motion. It has a wider tail to give it balance and buoyancy as you work it slowly through the shallows. Armed with a sharp and strong corrosion resistant hook. Its hook can be used with its tip up or with its tip down, it has a channel that allows you to easily change the hook. It comes with two weights, which can be changed for every fishing need, heavier or lighter. It has its channel to place it inside the shrimp.

  • Length: 4" - 10.5cm
  • Weight 1: 1/2 oz - 0.46gr.
  • Weight 2: 5/8oz - 0.56gr.
  • Action: Sinking