VENSE Rooster Bucktail Rattlejig

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  • Weight: 28gr / 1oz
  • Length: 14cm/ 5.5in
  • Hook Size: 7/0 - 3X Mustad.
  • Internal Sound Device
  • Small Trailer Hook for Tail

The 1oz Rooster Bucktail Jig with Internal Rattling is a versatile and effective fishing lure designed to attract a wide range of fish. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this jig features a premium-quality 7/0 3X Mustad hook, ensuring strength and durability.

Equipped with an internal rattling, this bucktail jig produces enticing vibrations and sound, mimicking the natural movements of bait and enticing fish to strike. The rattling effect adds an extra element of attraction, increasing your chances of success on the water.
The jig's main body is adorned with high-quality fibers, providing lifelike action and a realistic appearance in the water. The bucktail's natural movement creates a dynamic and irresistible presentation, enticing even the most cautious fish to bite.
Furthermore, the bucktail jig is designed with a small trailer hook for tail, allowing for additional bait attachment. This feature enables anglers to customize their presentation by adding live bait or soft plastic trailers, further enhancing the lure's effectiveness.
Whether you're targeting freshwater species like saltwater, the 1oz Bucktail Jig with Internal Rattling is a reliable and versatile choice. Its superior construction, attention to detail, and combination of features make it a go-to lure for avid anglers looking to increase their fishing success.